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Sail train explore on the Estonian Islands

Posted in : Starling

Sail, Train, Explore. The Rubicon 3 motto. Today it is my privilege to take this time to thank all of the people (and their families) both on board the boats and behind the scenes who make this dream become a reality for the lucky few who have discovered Rubicon and what they stand for.

This morning we explored the Estonian island of Vormsi by scooter, where I spent time by a secluded natural wetland gazing on a majestic mother swan with her five cygnets in tow in Baltic waters and later was fortunate to stumble upon a one hundred and fifty million year old Amonite fossil in limestone.

During the afternoon sail to the next island of Haapsalu, we witnessed a waterspout descending from the darkest of clouds and I watched on as our Skipper Darren and Mate Michael were on hand to offer encouragement and advice where needed to our crew who are eager to advance our training and to learn new things about ourselves as well as all things seafaring.

So to Darren and Neal, Bruce and Michael, my personal thanks for your tailored input, and to all others in the Rubicon family thank you for your support. Christina.