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Posted in : Oriole

After a hearty Egg Bacon and Hash browns breakfast cooked by Susi , Oriole was prepared to venture out with Rod having prepared a passage plan for our next leg of our expedition . After winding through narrow Fjords with some rainy showers that gave us some spectacular waterfalls that will take your your breath away . Edging our way down wind under jib alone to skilfully navigate through the skerries with plenty of breaking waves with just posts marking our passage . We end up in a small bay for our first night at anchor. After oriole was safely anchored and a well needed brew our intrepid explorers launched the rib to venture ashore to explore the wilderness of the island of Reksta, after a hike to a hill top we found a magnificent view of Oriole in our secluded bay. Tonight’s dinner was cooked by Lionel and after a pasta and vegetable casserole Rob got stuck into the passage plan for tomorrows expedition to the mouth of Sogneford which is Norways longest Fjord .Ken 06/09/19