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Sailing from the Frisian Island to the Hague

Posted in : Starling

Billy and Sue carefully plotted and planned our route from Vlieland to Scheveningen (Den Haag).  We had an early start leaving the Friesian islands early and heading south.  The day was gloriously sunny and the sea was very calm.  However, it was not great conditions for sailing, but marvellous for topping up the tan. Our waypoint buoys appeared just as they were plotted on the charts due to some great helming by the enthusiastic crew.  Entertainment was provided by a playful dolphin, learning monkey fist knots, celestial navigation training and Matt’s Spotify playlist.  The evening meal was provided by David and Peter, who managed to knock up a very tasty and healthy meal.  Finally, Clive took the helm and guided us through the marina and delivered us safely moored in the harbour.  As the sun slowly set, we all enjoyed beers and gin & tonics and toasted another successful day on the sea.