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Sailing in the Faroes: from Haldorsvik to Midvagur

Posted in : Bluejay

An early alarm call at 6.15 raised half the crew to get an early start for a longer passage to Midvagur. The plan was to leave Haldorsvik in the early morning sunshine and motor out to the entrance of the Sundini fjord round the northern end of Streymor and across towards the west! A long tack ensued when we were able to raise sails and check out the bird life. The soaring fulmars were keen to use the disturbed air round the boat to perform their dances! We looked long and hard for the elusive puffins but found skuas pretending to be puffins but demolishing the remains of a puffin! Alex was very disappointed but was delighted after we tacked towards Mykines and found some puffins! None actually did the desired pose with the sprats (which is on the tour guide) but they did fly around vigorously flapping their wings and being puffin like! The tack past Mykines took us through Mykinesfjodur past a cheese shaped island Gasholmur and along the coast of Vagar where we saw amazing cliff faces and a huge waterfall Bosdalafossur where we all got carried away with our cameras. The day was fine but was remarkable for the clouds looking like icing over the cliffs…. or perhaps that was just because we were thinking of Alex’s cake baking in the oven! We turned into Midvagur and sailed past some fish farms into the fishing boat harbour where we moored up against a boat called Last Straw from Ipswich! After mooring up, the rain started and we retreated indoors for tea and the cake we had been dreaming about!! Tomorrow is a day in harbour to explore the lake that runs out into the waterfall and check out the local bakery as the storm arrives!

By Wendy crew on Bluejay.