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Sailing in the Lofotens day one: Kjerringoy

Posted in : Bluejay

We said goodbye to Hummingbird boat at Bodø and sailed around two islands to pick up a channel between the mainland and a set of skerries. The Norwegian airforce was flying in their jets above our heads, we like to think to give us a fond farewell. Steep mountains, flat water, beautiful sunshine and clear air. As soon as the sails were up the wind dropped and we bobbed along at 2-3 knots. Time for ripple reading lesson to work out the wind direction. Sails dropped, motor on for a while and tea time with jaffa cake biscuits- yum, yum.

Sails hoisted again for 90 minutes, sextants out, calibrated and sight forms reduced. Crisps and peanuts followed. Reefing practice conveniently in no wind, overlooking a cute little village called  in a fjord with red and yellow houses. Round one more headland, with the engine on due to a lack of wind, and we entered Kjerringøy harbour. Danced with two motor boats in the harbour whilst we had to move from our mooring to a wooden stilted, tyre covered dock in Kjerringøy with a 5m climb up a ladder to the dockside (amusing for some vertically challenged crew members).

Kjerringøy is a lovely little harbour backed by mountains, ringed with yellow and red private beach huts, green forest with small paths around and the village and moss covered rocks. Stir fry for dinner prepared by Tom whilst sitting on the deck watching the late evening sunshine.