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Sailing in the Lofotens: one incredible day on Bluejay!

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Bluejay left Svolvær (helmed off the pontoon by an awesome Rita!) with a sightseeing mission in their game plan. We tacked the first couple of miles to the rocky strait between Litl and Store Molle, until the wind bid us adieu for the day and left us with our engine. As we cruised up the Raftsundet the crew were taught the “Rules of the Road,” and by the time everyone knew their not under commands from their restricted in ability to manoeuvres, we had reached the mouth of the majestic Trollfjord. We floated about underneath one of its waterfalls, eating Robert’s lovely lunch, wishing for the sun to come out just a little bit…. and as we attempted to sail back south (no luck, quickly abandoned) the sun did finally grace us with its appearance. I have the rosy cheeks to prove it. We squeezed our way into one of “Holly’s Top Five Best Ever Anchorages” – Gulvika, on Store Molle. I would love to try to describe to you how spectacular it is here, but I can’t, so you’ll just have to sail here too one day. We’ve been ashore in the dinghy for a scenic scramble up the hill, and then scouted out a white sandy beach and braved an arctic dip! Apparently not that cold, and the rocks above the water had been heated to perfection by the sun. What. A. Day.

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