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Sailing, training and exploring the coast of Galicia, Spain

Posted in : Starling

We left the anchorage at Cedeira just before the sun made an appearance, as part of operation: make progress west. Ten hours later the evening saw us pull into Camariñas, just north of Finisterre, where we were both grateful for the refuge from the forecast breeze and bowled away by the hospitality of the locals. Here’s a summary of the last couple of days from our crew:Simon: After previous displays I was underwhelmed by the dolphins, but very impressed by the gannets flying in formation! Also… had a real life out of body experience watching the swell, listening to the celestial navigation tuition. Lynne: Chuffed that I pulled off a very accurate running fix using the dramatic pinnacle rocks!John: I appreciated learning the trick to anchoring. My poetic license remembers it as the falling anchor shining in the moonlight, plunging into the icy waters…. also I’ve found a new favourite meal: but roast!Morris: I saw a real life sunfish, floating around in the breeze. Shirley: it was fab to refresh my celestial navigation – looking forward to more adrenaline with the forecast sailing upwind!Susan: Is it a church?! Or is it a lighthouse?! …Very impressed that the local bar serves complimentary prawnsMartine: Proud of myself for cooking lunch at sea without throwing it across the floor… (hasn’t always been the case!) Mike: Big fan of the celestial…. at the same time learnt how much of a fan of GPS I am! But why the lemon?!