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Skills and drills in Greystones

Posted in : Oriole

Today we were excited to be setting off to put our theory from the day before into practice. We set off from Dun Laoghaire and we’re about half an hour out when an alarm disturbed the relaxed atmosphere somewhat. The skipper and first mate entered into an intensive period of trying to work out what was going on when it became clear nothing was on fire. The rest of us enjoyed the sun shine whilst we headed out to sea. It turned out to be a sensor issue and once sorted we got the sails up, practiced reefing before another MOB drill and some manouevring practice before the wind picked up and the rain set in – so we headed into Greystones ( or castle Greyskull ) to sit out the forecast storm for 36 hours and find somewhere to watch the Rubgy works cup final. Once we’d peeled off our soaking foulies more tea was consumed before a team effort created spag bol for supper.