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Smashing through the waves with Oriole in Scotland

Posted in : Oriole

An early start saw oriole slip lines from Scalpay finally and head out into the peaceful dawn . Pilotage our and sails up we set course for neist point and enjoyed some clear skies and good views. It was not to last though and the rain and wind came, in squalls and shifts, heavy and heavier. When it didn’t rain we got soaked from the waves crashing over the decks. Yes today was the day you learned what sailing upwind in an open sea is all about! However, it was a cracking sail and with 2 reefs and the staysail oriole handled herself well with some help from the engine at times to improve our upwind angles and speed. We were also joined by dolphins and 2 separate minke whale sightings to help keep spirits high. We are now safely alongside in Tobermory and drying off with a hot dinner! Sailing at its best!