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Starling 13:51, 08.03.20

Posted in : Starling

With just over 2000 miles left to go, we’re almost one third of the way across the Pacific! Wahoo! And so far, we haven’t used the GPS. Yep, that’s right – it’s been sextant torture and maths all the way. Everyone is taking to celestial nav fast and even when we only get one sight in a day we can still update our EPs, which have become pleasingly accurate! Unfortunately, Rachael’s happy hour teaching sessions have all-too-frequently been upstaged by passing wildlife. Somehow, having gone 23 hours and 30 mins without seeing anything, we are frequently greeted at exactly 1730 by something like a) an enormous pod of dolphins, b) white boobies (you’ll have to google them); or c) a flying fish landing at the feet of the helmsperson, causing much shrieking that was probably heard in our destination 2000 miles away. It’s almost got to the stage where people come to happy hour just to see the show, as Rachael sighs in despair…teeheehee.