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Starling crosses the Equator!

Posted in : Starling

Good evening from a the flock of merry Starlets en route to the Galapagos islands. We write to you from two miles south of the equator, having just been granted safe passage by Queen Neptune (aka Felicity). The Equator crossing ceremony involved confessing our sins and paying a penalty for them, sacrificing some rum and chocolate cake to the ocean (sob) and wearing outlandish fancy dress head gear made from whatever was available (colanders, mooring lines, mosquito nets…). We are now all transformed from Pollywogs to Shellbacks. The start of th passage was a tough one, with high humidity and light airs of the doldrums and more than one night time spinnaker drop. But we have been rewarded by 48 hours of champagne sailing and look set to arrive in Galapagos in less than 24 hours. Pictures to follow!