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Starling evens the scores

Posted in : Starling

By wednesday this week it was Start Point 1 Starling 0 but yesterday a very small weather window provided the opportunity to even the scores and even the scores we did!

We slipped out of Darthaven Marina in the dark and the placid conditions could well have made us question the forecast had we not been down this metaphorical road once before.

We hoisted to 2 reefs as dawn broke and the welcome daylight allowed us to identify the numerous fishing pot markers that populate these waters.

As Starling reached Start Point the seas became rough once again and our need to pass this increasingly irksome landmark had us utilise a little engine power to provide some height on the wind until Salcombe was abeam of us and the stail sail once again made an appearance.

The wind backed to the southwest allowing us a more forgiving angle to Plymouth and a total of 8 hours of hard work had us finally arrive at our destination port.

It was hot showers and naps for the crew before a well earned fish dinner courtesy of Rowland.

The next gale has us currently stormbound but I think most of the crew are quietly comfortable with a rest after yesterday’s labour. Its Rowland’s birthday today and Alex is baking a cake as passage planning and pilotage continues amidst some intrepid exploration of this historical naval city.

Finally tomorrow looks to be a little kinder on the weather front as we will make our last 40 mile passage to destination port of Falmouth.