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Starling reaches Hanko

Posted in : Starling

Tuesday: it’s rained heavily overnight and we wake up in Jussarö to an overcast day with more downpours predicted but little wind. It’s definitely a porridge morning- excellently provided by Karen. Taking advantage of a clear spell we slip our lines and head into the grey. Unexpectedly, the wind picks up mid morning. We hoist the yankee and blow steadily along until a sudden wind shift to the east accelerates us through the sometimes narrow channels. A heavy downpour has encouraged most of the crew to discover important tasks needing urgent attention down below while the rain soon finds the ‘down the neck trickle gaps’ of those of us still on deck. With the help of the wind and Erika’s expert navigation we arrive earlier than predicted in Hanko. We’re back on the mainland, the sun’s shining again and the early afternoon arrival allows lots of time for re-victualling, exploring the small town with its pretty parks and attractive 19th century wooden houses – and the all-important showers and ice creams. Marianne evens finds the super sauna with a splendid view over the marina. After dinner, Mike leads an evening walk over the rocks and onto the beach as the sun sets – just perfect.

Today the sun is shining again, the blue sky is restored and it’s shorts all round – displaying nine pairs of legs of shades varying from white to brown! There’s even seems a little wind to help us on our way as Steve eases us out of Hanko marina. It doesn’t last long though so it’s motoring most of the way giving us lots of time for a lesson from Darren on deviation and variation en route. Steve is multi-tasking today and navigates a changing cast of helms efficiently into Jurmo and a welcome early evening sundowner at the end of another lovely day.