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Starling sailing through the Finnish archipelago

Posted in : Starling

A few challenges and skilful accomplishments were the order of the day.
A few of us enjoyed a glorious early morning perched on some sunny rocks sipping coffee in this fantastic little spot. We met some delightful people and were encouraged to head to Jussaro by a gentleman with an amazing home built wooden trimaran.
After yet another culinary delight produced from the galley we prepared the boat for sea.
Nikki and Tracey prepared a masterpiece of a navigation route through hundreds of islands and some very narrow passes. The outside route was cast aside as there was little wind for sailing and the challenge of the narrow, islands route was also more scenic.
We did manage to accomplish some fun sailing in these confined waters with light winds gusting to at least 6knots and Erica helming the 60ft Starling along with great skill.
On arrival at Jussaro and a scrutiny of the dock with several boats already snugly moored Darren brought Starling forward with great skill and accuracy. With fenders set and crew at the ready with mooring lines and under Mike’s calm instruction we managed to bring her in bow to at the very end of the pontoon and also pick a stern mooring buoy without incident.
I’m not sure if it was with shock, horror or absolute delight that the already moored sailors watched a 60ft pink boat bearing down on them.
Jussaro is an interesting spot with
Remnants of a mining era, several nature trails, a cafe/bar and of course a sauna. The evening finished off with some refreshments and an exciting game of quoits and a mini Wimbledon.