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Starling sails into The Hague

Posted in : Starling

We set off from Eastbourne at 10 am with the aim of sailing overnight to Ostend in Belgium. My team was not on first watch so in spite of the fact we were only awake a few hours, we went to our bunks to get as much sleep in advance of the long sail ahead. By the time we were up again, the white cliffs of Dover were in sight looking very impressive running along the coast. Before long, we took the plunge and turned into the English Channel to head to mainland Europe. The shipping lanes were busy so every one was on high alert for other vessels. The winds and tides were in our favour so we made excellent time. At the start of the day we were planning to reach Ostend, but given our speed we were going to reach there by 1 am. Keen to do an overnight sail, we decided to keep going and changed course to The Hague in the Netherlands. At the start of the overnight trip the sky was clear and the stars were beautiful. The passage was eventful, passing a huge windfarm, other sailing yachts and boats laying cables on the seabed. In spite of the long hours, the time flew by and before we knew it we were arriving in The Hague, tired but happy. It was a long day, but it was incredibly satisfying; 26 hours of sailing and over 100 miles covered! After a quick shower, we were by the marina having beers and coffees. The evening was spent exploring The Hague and having dinner together onshore.l