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Starling speeds to Sweden

Posted in : Starling

Our amazing crew woke up bright and early looking forward to visiting the beautiful Danish island of Bornholm. Within minutes a check of the forecast and we had changed our destination to Sweden and the city of Ystad, home to Wallander! Christina on nav changed her plan and advised Skip of our changed passage plan. We set sail with low expectations for the passage with variable wind forecast but spent nearly all passage racing along, close reaching at 9 in around 20 kts of wind. The new sail plan of 1st reef in the main and Staysail worked bizarrely wonderfully.  Throughout, we all had the joy of serving Master Mariner E Maude who did an outstanding job keeping the crew happy and motivated. In the cockpit Bruce gave an exemplary lesson in celestial nav, removing the complexity from a complex skill.  The watch system allowed crew some down time to re-energise for their next stint, while Tracey baked another cake and made tomato soup, keeping everyone warm and well fed. Everyone was busy as we approached Sweden, making regular sail changes to keep up with the ever changing wind. Neil and Nick took a thorough soaking on the bow as they hauled down the big yankee 1, but it proved most amusing for the rest of the crew. We arrived in in Ystad marina by 1830 onbly to find out it was full and we had to about turn and follow a high speed ferry into the commercial port. Overnight there has been a big electrical storm and we have been lashed by thunder and lightning. Now to explore Ystad! Nick H