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Starling’s crew in a Latvian prison!

Posted in : Starling

We arrived late in Liepaja, our next stop on our Baltic explorer to St. Petersburg. Well 10pm and moored right next to a very nice looking hotel. We were able to get a couple of well earned cold beers before last orders. We then had a good nights sleep on the boat then french toast for breakfast. It had rained in the night and the wind had got up. We wouldn’t be sailing off today. Strong Northerlies forced us to stay in the sheltered harbour for another 24 hours and so the crew went out to explore the town. And as it always and so often happens: Liepaja had lots to offer! We hired some bikes, went to explore Karosta which was a Russian town within Liepaja. Karosta remained of strategic importance for Russia for a long time and it was not until 1994 that they finally left. The remains of centuries of history can be visited, amongst which the highlight surely was a prison which was built and used by the Russian during the second world war. Nowadays it serves as a museum and a….hotel! You can get the full prison experience including being shouted at and imprisoned for a night. Our crew decided to come back to the much more comfortable good boat Starling for a night of beers and rest before we were off to explore the Estonian islands!