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Starling’s international crew members update us from mid-ocean

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Translated from Hebrew: “You are too old, don’t even try….your experience is not good for blue water sailing.” Those were the comments when we told people we would be joining Starling for the ARC 2019.

We arrived in Gran Canaria, met a group of nice people and got into action: changing sails, ropes, moving gear, arranging the bunks etc

Following a few days of preparation and a couple of practice sails, we felt confident as sailors.

The main problem, how to find where I had packed my things. I spent hours looking for my misplaced shirts and shorts. It was desperate. The following night things got a little better and I stopped starling: worrying- started talking with team mates, asking for assistance when needed and looking for opportunities to help.

Then we started our amazing journey – by night under an fantastic blanket, stitched with millions of diamonds, on a continuous changing see between dolphins and whales! Always assisted by one of our good friends – Starling’s skipper and mate. AL, Israel