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Stormbound in Bolga

Posted in : Hummingbird

It was a dark and stormy night on the Norwegian island of Bolga for Hummingbird and her crew. The winds whistled through the rigging and sang us all to sleep. We awoke to a rough sea, dark and low stratonimbus clouds, pelting rain, and Force 7 winds gusting to 8 on the Beaufort scale. Skipper Harry (from England) wisely decided it was a good day to stay put, have some additional sail training, (tidal heights) and enjoy the idyllic village of Bolga.
The crew have been divided into pairs to prepare meals, do engineering checks, keep the boat tidy, and make that all important passage plan. Jasmine (from England but living in US) and Roger (from Switzerland) fine-tuned their plan to sail up Holandsfjord and tie up in the shadow of a beautiful ice blue glacier. Their plan will be executed tomorrow once the weather improves.
David (from USA) and Phil (from England) cooked a hot breakfast of eggs and toast with smoked salmon. When the rain stopped a bit we crew were off for short walks to explore Bolga, up to the restaurant seeking WIFI, and over to the store (a store with everything – but only 6 of everything). Lynn and Jane (both Americans) made wraps for lunch. David and Phil made a delicious spaghetti bolanaise for dinner. Sailors are happiest when well fed!