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Posted in : Hummingbird

Hummingbird awoke to yet more rain this morning but also a SW wind allowing finally the chance for us to not be sailing upwind for a change. As we gybed up the coast of Harris, occasionally catching glimpses of land in the murky mist we had a few turns at looking at the radar. Despite the weather the wind was great and we sped north at 7-8 kts making good time only for the wind to veer and build. After starting with a full sail plan we were now down to 2 reefs but still our day was rewarding us. A minke whale sighting followed by porpoise, skua’s and many puffins before the seals in the harbour gave us a great wildlife day too. As we made our final approaches into Stornoway the sun came out just in time for enjoying fish and chips on the harbour front before exploring the town.