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Stuart – captain of Oriole – happy to leave Scotland for Ireland

Posted in : Oriole

We had a relaxed morning on Oriole today as Diane and Gary finished their passage plans to navigate us to Belfast before a team engine check and slipped lines to set us on our way. The sun made a last appearance just as the tips of Scotland disappeared over the horizon (coincidence ????). We set sails for a the gusty conditions and 2 reefs and the staysail allowed us to make good progress all the way to Belfast Lough and the start of the channel into Belfast. We used the lulls wisely and had lunch in the calms before taking practice in the final upwind miles. We arrived at a busy time and passed no less than 6 ships in the first couple of miles of the channel so we had to keep a good lookout. As we approached the basin in Belfast city centre we prayed for a space and there was just enough room to squeeze out 57’ of length onto a prime pontoon position. A quick look at the weather and we will stay here for a full day tomorrow to explore while a front and strong southerly winds pass through.