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Tea crisis on Starling!

Posted in : Starling

Good evening from the big pink bird again. Today I bring bad news and a request for outside assistance: we are running out of teabags, and it is only day 3 of 21. “How could a boat load of Brits possibly end up in this predicament?” I hear you ask? Unfortunately we have lost some of our precious Yorkshire teabag supplies to a galley spillage, which soaked through the plastic wrapper and destroyed one of the mega boxes that I imported to Panama in an expensive but totally-worth-it excess baggage. We have carefully snipped open the bags and salvaged some of the leaves, in the hope that they can be sprinkled in the bottom of a teapot when we get desperate. As skipper the responsibility for this incident lies with me of course, so I will sacrifice my favourite pair of socks as a tea strainer.

I don’t know what will happen when the tannin addicts on board go cold turkey, it could be dangerous. Wendy drinks so much of it that I suspect this is the cause of her tan, rather than the sun. If it gets really bad we could see scenes like those of Blackadder Goes Forth, with underpants being worn on heads, pencils stuck up noses and no hope of finding Marquesas. So if someone could arrange a delivery by carrier pigeon (or blue-footed booby which is the local branch of Birdmail), we will be forever grateful. We are the bright pink bird in the big blue ocean, 250 miles southwest of Galapagos. Can’t miss us. Rachael