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Thank you and welcome to Rubicon 3!

It’s so important you now have a read through the information on this page. It tells you what to expect when, what you need to have done by when and there’s a brilliant offer valid for the next 7 days that you’re going to love. Finally, there’s a 45 second questionnaire and every one who completes it gets entered into our monthly draw for a £100 Rubicon 3 voucher

What to expect next:

Your Rubicon 3 invoice will be sent to you in the next couple of days.

If you’re on a sailing expedition:
About 14 days before your trip start date you will get a joining instructions email, giving you information about where to find the boat, the skipper’s name and boat contact number, and asking you to provide passport and insurance information. Occasionally, these emails do go into a junk or spam folder, so please do tell us if you don’t receive the email.

If you’re coming for shore based training
If there is a course book or material associated with your course, this will usually be sent within the next 7 days.

If you need to cancel
All shore based course fees are non refundable. We book instructors and facilities up based on booking numbers. We may be able to change your booking to a future date but we cannot guaranteed this. If you need to cancel your sailing trip with us, please ensure you have re-read section 17 of the terms and conditions as you will likely have to pay a percentage (up to 100%) of your remaining invoice balance.

Help with getting to and from the boat

If you are signed up to an expedition, please do check the various information boxes on your expedition page. These will give you all you need to know about travel to and from the boat, which airport to go to, when to arrive and more. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

Want help with what to pack?

If you’re coming on a sailing expedition with us, we have a full kit list you can look at to help you decide what to bring. Just click here … (if you’re signed up to a shore based course, we really can’t advise you on what to wear – go with whatever is fashionable right now!)

Looking for suitable insurance?

We have a whole section devoted to what to look for and some options of who to use. This varies depending on where you are based in the world. Please have a look here

Looking for the terms and conditions

These have everything you need about invoice payment dates, privacy and what to do in the unfortunate event you may need to cancel (see section 17). You will likely be liable for a percentage of your invoice, up to 100% depending on the cancellation date.  Please have a look here

Make sure you are following our Facebook page and have joined the Rubicon 3 crew page

Our Facebook page is the best way of seeing what the boats are up to, who’s on them and what’s going on. the Rubicon 3 Crew page is a great way to link up with people who are booked on to sailing expeditions. Post which trip you’re on and see if you can share travel arrangements, swap ideas and such like. Find the Rubicon 3 Facebook page here and the Rubicon 3 Crew Page here

& finally your chance to win a £100 Rubicon 3 voucher!

We really want to know just a bit about you and to know what you thought of the website. There are 5 questions and we reckon it takes 45 seconds to answer them. Every entry goes into our monthly draw for a £100 Rubicon 3 voucher.