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The art of sailing

Posted in : Oriole

Why do we like to sail? Why do we like to get drained in rain, get hammered by waves and reduce our sleep to minimal? It must be one of the incredibly strong heritable trait that is wired in our DNA but remains dormant until we find ourselves in desperate need of escape. I think that Rubicon 3 is true to its historical root- a decisive cross to a new frontier. It has been the most wonderful experience to cross a couple of hundred miles from Scotland to Faroe Islands. All of us truly enjoyed this trip. We learned a lot from our skippers and got much finer sense of navigation charts, passage planning and sailing at its best. The eery Faroe Islands turned to be a hospitable and fun place, pizza on arrival tasted particularly good, but all us were happy to get back to our boat for the dinner that you can’t find in Manhattan or London. Because both of these cities are on the other side of Rubicon.