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The power of 4!

Posted in : Bluejay

4 days ago, 9 complete strangers including a software engineer, a rigger, a Watersports company owner, a local politician, a plant nursery owner & a development engineer, met at a marina in Martinque to undertake an adventure together. 4 days later & it feels we’re a little family. Having spent 4 wonderful days learning together, sharing experiences, cheering each other along, living alongside each other in close quarters. Everyone is here for different reasons, yet there is a common goal – which is simply to sail and for everyone to achieve whatever it was they set out to achieve by coming. But this is more than sharing sunburn stories, it’s buying into a being a part of everyone else’s dream too. The journey is different for everyone, some wanted to climb high peaks, some wanted mud baths & some simply to sit & read for a while listening to waves crashing on the nearby beach. For some, Bluejay is familiar territory, for some she’s like nothing they’ve experienced before, yet everyone’s having an amazing time. Even when the spicy chicken turned out to be a little too spicy, or when we forgot to put the ice packs in the cooler so the beers were still warm. There are worse things in life than a warm beer at sundown after all! (Possibly one of skipper’s how to helm jokes?!)

4 days ago we were complete strangers, now we’ve sailed into a different country & tacked & gybed our way into each other’s lives. All while watched over by Mike & Ollie, who go out of their way to make sure everyone is ok and having a good time, even if from their expressions sometimes, they clearly wonder what on earth they did in a previous life, to deserve having to try and keep this lot in order! Now if someone could tell us what the beautiful chirruping in the trees on St Lucia is, all will be good in the world, (even if we have run out of ice cubes & the chocolate melted). Are they birds or reptiles?