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The Righteous Robert’s Rum shack and other adventures

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The day dawned to a fresh Yankee 3 breeze from the North East. The crew arose like a jury rigged tri-sail from the mists of the previous night’s rum punch.

Mark and Sarah navigated us “out of the bay, and to the second island on the right” and after awesome pilotage through the reefs Starling was settled at anchor in a beautiful deserted bay on Mayreau Island. The close reefed sailing allowed the slick crew to perfect their Yankee & staysail tacking while excellent helming from Sarah, Xavier and Hannah got the best out of the good ship Starling.

On arrival the drone was launched and successfully recovered to take in the views and we set out on an expedition to Righteous Roberts Rum Shack. As I write this the crew has yet to return so I will let the photos speak for themselves last I cast aspersions on anyone’s good name.

Thanks to Mate Neal for stepping in to make an excellent fish and chorizo stew. It was much appreciated by the whole crew.