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The skipper went woof

Posted in : Bluejay

9 June 2019 Henningsvaer to Ulvoya (Raftsund).  The Skipper went Woof.

Some real sailing today.  A relatively calm start out of Henningsvaer, and at first we were a bit disappointed by the light winds.  This soon changed and we were zipping along well-heeled over and then reefing in the main, changing from yankee 2 to staysail and reefing the main again.  So lots of lessons in sailing in windyish conditions.  Lunch was a rather under appreciated meal.  We turned North into Raftsund and things calmed down….so much so that the skipper decided to bring out his inner dog, and wore Laura’s barking dog hat for the rest of the day.  A spot of tourism up Trollfjord, well worth a visit, but no trolls seen, and then round to our anchorage in Lauksund near Trollfjord.  We’re not mentioning the race.