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The village of broken tractors- Brekka, Mjoifjordur (also known as ‘Mojo fjordur’ by Alex)

Posted in : Bluejay

According to the ‘Wonderful Fjarðabyggð’ guidebooks this fjord is known for its ‘contented sheep,  sound of silence, fog, and the opportunity to experience days of darkness’. Whilst the fjord was more beautiful than Nordfjordjur, a reconnaissance of the village produced three old, mini broken tractors from the 1970s, two dogs, five sheep, abandoned fish farms, water connection point and a locked bar…….Things could only get better from this point.

After a yummy lunch of quesadillas (thank you Tom and Amancio), some crew members went for an afternoon hike (with the local collie dog) past Hjalmar’s monument above the village and up to a waterfall. The mountainside was covered in blueberry bushes full of fruit and offered expansive views further into the fjord towards the scenic mountain backdrop. Snow had fallen and collected in the higher slopes overnight. Huge, orange, purple and yellow jelly fish – that looked as though they had swallowed whole cauliflowers – floated alongside the boat providing (horror and awe-induced)  entertainment for crew members. The soft evening light danced on the mountainside as fish congregated around Bluejays’ hull.  A local villager came out to fish as we went to bed.