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Think we have died and gone to heaven…

Posted in : Oriole

Yesterday was the most amazing ever, we woke in our anchorage to a view of gleaming white glaciers made even brighter by the contrast of the moraine rocks piled high in mounds around the sharp angular peaks. The black and white motif was echoed by the Eider ducks around us and the Arctic Terns performing their aerial wizardry. Gliding out to sea we were immediately greeted by two Minke before having an incredible sail to Eidembukta under the brightest sun in an intense blue sky.
We had a cracking shore trip where we familiarised ourselves with the flare gun and other drills to keep ourselves safe and respect the reality that this beautiful land belongs to the Polar Bears.
Speaking of which, I found a scrap of old Polar Bear fur on the beach and picked it up for a look. Last thing before diving into my bunk I checked my gloves and found them covered in loose bear hair which was floating everywhere. Fearing Skipper wrath I fled outside to shake them off. So…shaking old Polar Bear hair off your gloves under a sparkling midnight sun looking out over the Svalbard landscape, does it get any better than that? Oriole