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Thursday 6th Dec

Posted in : Starling

We are 11 days out of Las Palmas and today was a good day. Refreshed from the showers yesterday, we find that we had completed another 200-plus mile day. Had a visit from a dozen of the tiniest dolphins, passed within quarter mile of a sloop heading the same way, shook out a reef and then promptly put it back in again and generally enjoyed the good weather. The music watch has not run out of playlists and the chatty watch has a few stories still in store. We also took two sun sights today with the sextant which put us in the rough vicinity of where GPS claims we are. Other highlights of the day were the curses emanating from the galley when a big wave hits, about once every half hour, the miraculous aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip muffins and Cathy’s most satisfying chorizo pasta supper. Only ten thousand more waves to go! TTT