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Tobago Cays

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After further refining their relationship with rum, the crew did finally find their way back from Righteous Robert’s Rum Shack…
There was some bleary-eyed conversation in the morning about converting the Douglas scale for sea state in to a more useful reference for assessing the state of inebriation of the crew – work in progress from a drinking crew with a sailing problem perhaps.
The day got going with a run ashore from Windward Bay for a hike across Mayreau Island to Salt Whistle Bay. Skillfully avoiding any alcohol, the crew enjoyed a relaxing morning in the picturesque bay, well at least until it was time to leave. Initially unable to liberate Hannah Banana from the hammock she was using, the team were caused much delay in leaving the bay on time to rejoin Starling. Keen on punctuality, Christian suggested that we commandeer a speed boat and driver from the beach for a quick ride back – clearly a selfless act that had nothing at all to do with saving himself a walk back to the boat. A very safe, gentle and dry speedboat trip had us all arriving back with Starling only a few short minutes later.
Anyhow the Skipper and Mate needn’t have been concerned as, on account of the motivated and dedicated crew that we are, we had Starling ready to go in no time and, thanks to Alison’s pilotage plan, we arrived at the next island (Tobago Cays) without any faff about an hour later.
Once the crew had completed yet another exceptional sail flake, we all made ourselves busy again relaxing – some visiting the beach and some snorkelling on the beautiful outer reef.
The day was rounded off nicely with wonderful barbecued lobster cooked on the beach, with stories shared in great company.