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Today was a day full of learning.

Posted in : Starling

We like learning – that’s what sailing is all about.

Today’s weather forecast was devoid of wind, offering a tranquil day of boring old motor-sailing enlivened only by multiple interruptions of biscuits and coffee (instant, real, ordinary tea, herbal tea, fruit tea, black tea… the list is never ending).

So after perfect pancakes eaten on a sunny deck, we gently spun the boat from its mooring through a Spring manoeuvre meticulously explained and directed by Darren. So that was Lesson 1.

Lesson 2. Taught by Neal. How to use and read a sextant – ‘drawing the sun from the sky onto the horizon’ was such a beautiful phrase that brought learning the concept to life for all of us.

Lesson 3. Last night’s fish stew leftovers make the most amazing soup for lunch.

And then came Lesson 4.  Never trust a weather forecast.  From murmurings of ‘how lovely to have an unexpected chance to sail under blue skies’ to fighting heavy weather helm. The winds were hitting force five wrenching the wheel through white knuckles. With tethers tethered, us crew adjusted the sails and we tacked backward and forwards with an unforgiving wind on the nose and thunder and lightening on the horizon. Not to mention the waterspout! We were anticipating getting picked up and taken to a foreign magical land… with a yellow brick road.

Lesson 5 . Passage plans always need an alternative port to run to. And on that note we are now moored up in a lovely sheltered little local harbour. Not the anchorage as originally planned .

Lesson 6. Love your skippers for their chilled out good humoured direction and control of unexpected situations. Oh and all the lessons they teach us. Yes we had a lovely day today – exciting and unexpected. And it supplied ‘what it says on the tin…’

“Sail Train Explore”