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Today was a great day for Starling

Posted in : Starling

A few sore heads after happy island followed by some entertainment watching a catamaran being pulled off the reef by locals was a good lesson on lee shores. Susie was amazed by some Kitesurfing skills of a local who was entertaining us onboard and high fived her on the back of the boat.

Some good sailing in the sun, included short tacking to see if we could tip Jonny out of bed by order of Susie his Navigation buddy. This took us up past Mayreau island and into the turtle ridden area of Tobago Cays. A fairly tight area of boats to enter but a gorgeous Anchorage was found and snorkelling with turtles walking to find iguanas and tortoises followed.

Amazing colour seas and turquoise water was commented on by all rounded off with a Lobster Barbeque catered by Captain Neil on Petit Rameau.

Written by Wendy and Alex