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Tuesday 5th November

Posted in : Oriole

Blogs – Sat to Mon Saturday 2 Nov The crew started the day watching the Rugby World Cup final in the saloon (it turns out the pubs in Greystones weren’t planning to open their doors at 9am for an England game). It was a pretty disappointing result but Jane attempted to raise our spirits by bringing back some tiffin from town. After a leisurely breakfast we set off to explore Greystones a little more. Liz, Jane and Marissa set off to do a section of the Cliff Walk towards Bray before heading back into town to join the rest of the crew for an incredible veggie lunch at The Happy Pear (the flagship cafe of the Flynn twins). After lunch we hopped back on Oriole where Liz and Ed planned our passage to Falmouth. Marissa, Jane and Flin took the opportunity to prep dinner and lunch for our upcoming passage to Falmouth. We finished the day off with a quick trip to the local pub before heading back to Oriole for a lovely roast dinner and to watch some Greg Davies stand up. Sunday 3 Nov Passage day! We spent the morning getting everything prepped and stowed for the journey ahead. Preventers were rigged and watch groups were organised. After a gentle sail out into the Irish Sea on a glorious morning, we had some lunch and split into our watch crews. Marissa and Ed took the first watch and continued to rotate with Liz, Fin and Jane every three hours. Yesterday’s meal prep was very much appreciated when it came round to dinner time – although I think we all agree that chilli with jacket potatoes isn’t the easiest meal to eat on the high seas. The watch routine continued as we made our way down the St George’s channel in some strong winds. Thankfully we had an abundance of stars to help us keep on course throughout the night. Monday 4 Nov Marissa and Ed’s 06:00 to 09:00 watch (the sunrise shift) was accompanied by a huge pod of dolphins guiding us down to the south west of England. Liz and Fin caught sight of the last couple of dolphins as they came up for their watch but they were quickly put to work to help the team bring in a reef. The winds continued to pick up throughout the day as we sailed down on the back end of a storm. We were flying between the Scilly Isles and Land’s End on some very big seas well into the night. First Mate Mark deserves a special mention for managing to construct and cook an outstanding vegetarian lasagne during the passage. A hot meal felt like the best thing in the world at around 21:00 (we opted for supper after some minor issues with the cooker) and knowing how much effort would have gone into making it made it taste even better. The wind and waves eased slightly as we came around Land’s End and headed east along the south coast towards Falmouth. The whole crew came up to deck in the early hours for a Mars bar or three and to get the boat prepped for a “handbrake turn” in Falmouth marina. We were alongside and in our pyjamas at around 04:00 on Tuesday 5 November.