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Ulvøya to Henningsvær

Posted in : Bluejay

The crew of Bluejay are now feeling fat and contented, all tucked up in Henninsgsvaer, having feasted on fish in the local restaurant.


Day started with an interesting breakfast when the cook tasked with making pancakes mistakenly used rye bread flour instead of the usual white. After this ‘substantial’ start to the day, Bluejay cruised gently down the fiord, little wind and glassy seas giving opportunities for the photographers on the crew to make the most of the awe inspiring scenery. Soon, though, the wind rose and we managed 7.7 knots with 10 knots of the wind. It didn’t last long but then the calm waters meant we  had plenty of time for storm board and emergency tiller practice in comfort, in preparation for the big voyage to Iceland, now getting close.  Porpoises nodded our way into Henningsvær as we looked forward to a meal ashore and, maybe, the odd glass or two.


Chat in the bar focused on what was to come, for some the qualifying passage needed for ocean Yachtmaster and for others the chance to do something beyond the usual sailing experience.


Signing off Marilyn on Bluejay