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We all had an absolutely ribbing time!

Posted in : Oriole

Ah! The lovely aroma of stockfish – who needs Chanel no 5. We are in Reine a fishing village in the southern Moskenes area of the Lofotens or Loofitens when the locals say it. We are surrounded by staggering granite like mountains looming over us and loads of hanging stockfish busy drying out and looking like oversize albino bats. Our first option for our land based day was to go up the Reinebringen to get the best view of the islands but apparently the sherpas are still rebuilding the 800+ steps to the top so no go there (my legs were very greatful). So plan B was to get the ferry to Vindstad and then walk to Bunes beach. Off we go to the ferry only to find it fully booked so on to plan C – launch the rib fleet for both Oriole and Blue Jay. Talk about white knuckle ride this was more like knuckle scrape ride as we bounced along gripping hard. More fun than paying a lot of money for a ride at Alton Towers.

Arriving at Vindstad put us straight into the pages of a Norway tourist brochure in glorious sunny technicolor. Truly beautiful with the fjord crystal clear surrounded by mountains capped with light floating clouds. At Bunes some of went down to the beach which was covered with strange grassy mounds like a bad case of giant green acne. A couple of mountain goats among us followed our skipper upwards to scale more mountain heights. Back again in the rib to Reina – slightly calmer this time. We derobed from our Fladens finding the best way to get them off without taking off your shoes is to get someone else to pull the trouser legs whilst you lie prone. David on good form today did worry though about what his partner would say if he told her another woman had helped him undress. I think though we can safely say that the Fladens are great insulated suits but are about the most unattractive clothing known to man.

PS Thanks for the first mates mozzarella coated chicken pasta – did wonder where our dessert was as apparently Blue Jay are having pineapple crumble.