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We awake on the morning

Posted in : Starling

We awake on the morning after Caitlin’s birthday celebrations, to the delicious smell of fried eggs – poor Caitlin was on cleaning duty on her birthday, and now breakfast duty the day after. Nice scheduling Kieran! At least she’s got her cold pizza from last night to keep her going.

A small boat pulls up alongside and sells us several french loaves, still warm. In addition to a floating bakery, there’s a floating fuel delivery service, another offering ice, water and laundry, and even a floating bar.

We have a free day today as we have decided to sail to Saint Lucia overnight. So a few of us decide to hike to the top of Mount Peggy. We get an early taxi to drop us to the other side of the island, above Friendship Bay. We make quick progress up the steep rocky path, and are well rewarded with the shpectacular 360 degree views from the top. We take in turns for ‘king of the world’ photos on the top, before heading back down the very steep track on other side, practicing our ministry of silly walks so we can stay upright, and take a well earned swim once we reach Lower Bay.

We then walk around the beach path, via Princess Margaret Bay and back onto Admiralty Bay. Kieran had to go to Customs to check us out of the Grenadines today – and so we now have 24 hours to leave. Everyone has a chilled day wandering around the small town, swimming and relaxing ahead of our overnight sail to Saint Lucia tonight.

Johnny and Andy make seafood chowder for dinner. Well … only Johnny is in evidence, Andy is apparently helping remotely – or is that not remotely helping?!

The brief version of the nav brief for tonight is we’re going to come out and hangar right for 12 hours.

We’ve been assigned into 2 watches – Frigate (Andy, Wendy & Caitlin) and Booby (Susie, Johnny, Libbie & David). Kieran and Alex will float as required. Before it gets dark Kieran takes us all through a total deck check – to make sure everything is working and running as it should, there is nothing out of place, and no hazards. A red light only rule will be in place to ensure we maximise our night vision.

It’s suggested that we can hot bunk in the lower bunks during the night sail, but we are likely to be heeled over in the same direction for most of the night, so only Andy is in danger of falling out, and he seems confident he can manage with his lee cloth.

Wendy and Libbie take us through a more detailed brief after dinner – we need to keep pretty close hauled the whole way, and that should negate any need for tacking. But the wind sadly had other ideas and completely dropped a couple of times so we had to use engine power.

We do at least have a full moon which makes it much easier to see during our night sail.

The Frigates take first watch, all tethered to the deck so we can’t lose anyone over the side, whilst the Boobies try and sleep, then 3 hours later it’s all change.

We try counting boats we see during the night, but at some point after 7 spotted boats, the crew loses count and interest – the prize was to eat all 85 apples Alex bought for us yesterday (!), in 1 sitting, so wasn’t motivating anyone particularly to keep count at 3am!

Between several sail drops and firing up the engine I don’t think anyone gets a huge amount of sleep on either watch, but we arrive safely just after the sun appears over the top of the Pitons, lighting them pink from behind.

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