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What’s your favourite line?

Posted in : Bluejay

The Crew members favourite lines on a sailing boat and why (a game played whilst sailing, courtesy of Emma)

  • Emma: Staysail halyard, because it is loyal and dependable.
  • Marilyn: Reef 3 – because most of the time the line does not do much, but it is there to stabilise the boat and the crew when needed.
  • Patrick: Yankee halyard, because it is high up on the mast, at the front of the boat, looking forwards and out to sea.
  • Amancio: Outhaul, because it is a hidden line at the foot and crew of the sail, which is often silent and hidden but yet important.
  • Sue: Spinnaker halyard, because it is free and flies.
  • Koen: Docklines, because they are attached to land.
  • Sarah: Topping lift, because most of the time the line is free and gently swinging, but when the sails are down or reefed it crucially holds up the boom.
  • Tom: Main sheet, because it is always under slightly more tension than it is comfortable with.
  • Emma: Spinnaker halyard, because it sits at the top of the mast and has an overview of the boat and the sea.