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Yacht Starling sails from St Petersburg to Helsinki

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Rapid Retreat from Russia

After a lovely 3 days taking in the breathtaking sights of St Petersburg, I joined Starling just in time to assist in the challenging task of victualling at a Russian supermarket – largely guesswork as to the contents described in Cyrillic alphabet!
The rest of the crew joined and we set about making plans for a prompt departure in the morning, to compensate for the stop at the fortified border control island – Russian customs’ officers won’t be rushed, but as it turned out they were efficiently swift and we were entertained by a group of officials engaging in their morning musical aerobics session while we waited.

Motor sailing at a brisk 8.5 knots, we set off, bound for the Finnish capital of Helsinki, some 185nm to the north west. The time passed quickly through our 3 watch system, punctuated by a ingenious twist on spaghetti bolognese curtesy of Nicky. A Russian submarine was sighted, but appeared to be friendly as it glided past. Even the usual ‘short straw’ dog watch in the wee hours was a pleasure under a perpetual twilight as the sun slipped below the horizon for a few short hours before making an early appearance at 3am.

The Finnish passport control were ready and waiting at our berth when we arrived and were delighted to welcome us to their beautiful city.
We’re looking forward to a day ashore tomorrow to explore the historic sights and varied elaborate architecture of this previously much contested Baltic land…


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