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About us, Rubicon 3

About us Rubicon3 Adventures

About us

Rubicon 3 Adventure began in 2013 as an adventure sailing company, specialising in sailing to and exploring spectacular places around the world. Training and exploring were always central to what made these expeditions special and Rubicon 3 now brings our unique magic to sailing, training and exploring.

There is something so special with Rubicon 3. As a customer you feel respected, looked after and know you’re in the hands of experts”

Harriet B, London

The Rubicon 3 values


Being kind to those we interact with is a huge part of the Rubicon 3 culture. Win or lose, we’ll do it with care for ourselves and those around us.


Everyone’s different in outlook, background and character, but respecting each individual is an absolute must…. even the prickly ones!


In every aspect of our professional life as adventurers, we have committed as a team to strive for excellence. That’s in how we run adventures, how we interact with others and the standards to which we hold ourselves.

Bruce Jacobs

After many years working in industry, I ran away to sea (nothing original there!). Many glorious years were spent in various roles from as far south as the Horn of Africa to the islands off the west coast of Italy. The exploding Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull gave me the opportunity to join the Clipper Round the World Race from Jamaica to New York City, up to Nova Scotia and across the Atlantic Ocean to Ireland.

Having had my eyes opened to the fun of bigger yachts, I relocated to Rhode Island on the east coast of the USA to study Marine Systems Engineering at the wonderful IYRS. That led to a job as the engineer on the superyacht Gitana and an insight into a unique world as we toured some of the world’s most beautiful an luxurious regions.

Rubicon 3 has been a life’s ambition for me. There’s nothing so life affirming as travel, adventure and the outdoors and it’s wonderful to be sharing that with so many others.

Get busy living. The world is waiting!

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Who we are

Blueco Holdings Ltd, t/a Rubicon 3 Adventure
20 – 22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU

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