Train with World Champions and Vendee Globe Racers. Bay of Biscay Expedition 2023

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Call us with any questions or for advice on what trip to book.

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Common booking questions

Are the trips suitable for beginners?

Yes. The vast majority of our trips are suitable for beginners. However there is also a filter on all the trip menus where you can select ‘beginner’ and these will show you the trips that are best suited for total beginners

Can I join solo?

Yes. In fact, most of our customers join solo, so it makes for a really easy, social atmosphere on board

Who else joins?

The usual age range is 30-75, with an equal mix of men and women. Most crew join solo, though groups are always welcome and even whole boat charter can be arranged. Prior experience ranges from none to some, and almost everyone is ‘rusty’!

What if I need to change my trip?

We try to be as flexible as possible, but with only 9 crew on board, it is very difficult if someone pulls out close to the start date. Please make sure you have read the terms and conditions. We will always try and resell your place for you if we can.

Can I stay onboard the night before the trip starts?

As of June 01 2022, we are allowing customers to book a berth on board the night before the official start date. This is at the rate of £30pp

I have dietary or medical issues. What should I do?

We can accommodate most dietary requirements, so long as you are not too fussy. We get plenty of vegetarians. Minor allergies are usually fine, but if it is somehthing fundamental to most dishes such as onions then it could be difficult. If you have severe allergies then it may not be suitable to join. If you have any medical conditions that could cause you to need urgent medical assistance then it may not be suitable. In all cases, if you have unusual or enhanced requirements, then do please discuss them with us before booking

Whatever your question, don’t hesitate to get in touch

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Saturday: 0900 to 1600

Sunday: Closed

Who we are

Blueco Holdings Ltd, t/a Rubicon 3 Adventure
20 – 22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU

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