A Guide to Coastal Sailing with Rubicon 3

Embarking on a coastal cruising adventure with Rubicon 3 means a blend of exploration, learning, and sailing. Here’s a more detailed look at what to expect on our coastal trips:

Varied and Fun Itineraries

With around 300 miles over 10-12 days being the usual distance, the pace is relaxed, allowing for plenty fo sailing but also extensive exploration and enjoyment of each location. It is designed to ensure that you experience the very best of coastal sailing without feeling rushed. There is no set itinerary and wher we go and what we do will be dictated by the weather at the time and what you the crew would like to do. You’re going to have a really diverse range of destinations, from secluded anchorages to fun towns and harbors.

sailing in ice

Comprehensive Learning Experience

Rubicon 3 is all about providing a learning experience that is built in to the adventure. This ‘real world’ training is the absolute best way to learn. Beginners will find the trips a great introduction to sailing, learning about the wind, how to control the yacht, learning about the many lines to pull and generally gaining confidence, competence and skills under the guidance of our experienced instructors. For the more seasoned sailors, the trips offer a deeper dive into advanced sailing techniques, including passage planning, navigation, and pilotage. We aim to enhance your skills in a hands-on environment, making learning an integral part of the adventure. On all Rubicon 3 trips, the RYA Competent Crew course is built into the trip and for a nominal fee (see details when you book a trip) you can earn this certificate while you sail with us.

changing sails

Daily Routine and Activities

Because distances are not very great, we can sail as much as we wish to, but we have better weather windows and are unlikely to have to do repeated long passages. Most days, we would start sailing around 09:00 am and have finished by 4:00 pm, giving us plenty of time to head ashore and explore. This could be anything from wandering through the town, hiking up a volcano or wading through the shallows on a perfect white sand beach. We don’t lay on the shore activities, but we often know some beautiful and interesting places to pull into and can make some great suggestions of what to see and do. The joys of adventure sailing mean we are always finding somewhere new and can jump off and explore or just sit on deck and rest and relax. Remember, your friends and family can always track your location in real-time from our yachts page.

climbing the mast

A mixture of anchoring and harbour

The nature of our coastal trips means you’ll likely experience a mix of mooring situations, from anchoring the boat in remote bays to docking in marinas and town quays. Locations like the high latitudes and the Caribbean offer more anchoring opportunities, while areas around England and Scotland are rich in marinas and quays. When at anchor, it’s great fun to jump into the RIB for the crossing ashore.

on the RIB

Participation and Teamwork

Aboard a Rubicon 3 sailboat, everyone contributes to the journey. These are true, off the beaten track adventures, not a luxury sailing trip, and so much better for it! From helming and sail trimming to navigation, keeping us on the right heading, helping to identify traffic and hazards, and keeping the vessel tidy, participation is key. This immersive experience fosters a strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie among the crew, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the trip. Sometimes we have several boats sailing together, and that can be great fun. You’ll make fast friends and enjoy some really special times as a crew on the water and ashore. Crew need to join with the right attitude and realise they are part of the crew and an integral part of the success of the adventure. If you’re not willing to pitch in, help out and take the rough with the smooth, these trips will not be for you.

breakfast at anchor

Safety and Environmental Consciousness

Safety at sea is our top priority, with comprehensive briefings and ongoing guidance provided throughout the trip. The yachts we use in the Rubicon 3 fleet have the highest safety rating of all (Cat 0) and are licensed to sail anywhere in the world and across every ocean. These yachts are true circumnavigators but although they can easily cope, we keep a close watch on the weather to ensure conditions are fun and sensible for the crew. Additionally, we are committed to environmentally responsible sailing, practising and promoting techniques that protect the marine environment wherever possible.

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