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Posted in : Hummingbird

It’s been a pivotal day on board hummingbird- our first truly relaxed day at sea, where everyone has sunk into the rhythm of the watch system. Everything has clicked into place and tasks such as handovers, sun sights, food prep, and engine checks are all fitting seamlessly into the routine. The sailing has been sublime, and the views exactly like those photos you see of stereotypical Caribbean royal blue skies and seas. You have good cause to be jealous of us.

It’s also been an exciting day! Michelle kicked the morning off with a bang by baking vegan cookies. Skipper Nigel said it was his highlight of the trip by far. Somehow there’s still some left over 12 hours later, but now I’ve remembered they’re there… We’ve also had a breakthrough with the compass light, and although we’d gotten good at steering by the wind and the stars with the occasional flash of a head torch at our otherwise dark bearing, it’s been a well received improvement amongst the masses. Excitement #3 most certainly included Sunshine and Henry’s epic fish pie, which although a fraction after schedule (or was it just on island time?) didn’t disappoint. Delicious.

It’s not all been laid back R&R though: shortly after the watch leader’s got their mer passes, some of the other crew had a go at correcting the sextants for errors and bringing the sun down to the horizon to read off its altitude. All very slick. We also had an afternoon session on preparation for heavy weather on the ocean, and got the trisail and storm jib out and hoisted. Apparently our speed increased with the unique set up of full prevented main, trisail, storm jib and goosewinged yankee #2 combo! This may be the ultimate ARC sail plan next time?