April 10, 2024

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Expedition Updates

Why Ordinary Holidays No Longer Cut It: One Sailor’s Eye-Opening Experience with Rubicon 3!

Relaxing resort holidays just aren’t for me for a start! Most of my friends asked if I was mad or said I was very brave to go on a sailing holiday when I couldn’t sail, especially with people I had never met !! By leaving on April Fools Day that answered the first question! And after a shovel load of life’s challenges in the last two years, all that was very brave. For a 60+ year-old mum of 3 with shaken confidence …. not this beautifully crazy idea. But here I was, travelling alone and joining the Leeward Islands adventure in the Caribbean.

This was stepping out into the next chapter of my new life with gusto finding out that strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet! As soon as I stepped on the deck with the amazing staff who seemed to have endless energy, enthusiasm, and bonkers knowledge with huge patience, my adventure began.

Having fun sailing in the Caribbean

The SAILING was amazing and – powered by … us!! – 5 normal people who realize now, that anything is possible if you try, trust the yacht’s capabilities, understand the wind, and work as a team -led by instructions from the
Crew, that you trust totally.

The TRAINING is superb and explained in such a way that someone who thought they couldn’t … DID! We all take turns in all the jobs so eventually – maybe not even on this trip!!- it will sink in.

There was plenty of that! As if the sailing trip through The Leewards islands in beautiful sun and Trade winds wasn’t enough – we were truly blown away by the land exploring too!

Thank You Rubicon 3 for a life-changing experience and I feel able to take on the next chapter and carry on finding … Life is ready to be lived – whatever the route to getting here has been!

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