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An opportunity for sailing schools and sailing clubs to unlock new opportunities for your members and students while boosting your own numbers and revenue.

 About Rubicon 3

Rubicon 3 is one of the most well known and highly regarded adventure sailing companies, offering unparalleled sailing experiences across the globe. Whether it’s navigating the icy waters of the Arctic, exploring the tropical paradises of the Caribbean, or crossing the oceans, Rubicon 3 provides expertly led expeditions that cater to both seasoned sailors and adventurous beginners.

 Why Partner with Rubicon 3?  It’s a win-win.

Rubicon 3 crews return from their voyages inspired and eager for more sailing adventures. Many of our participants come back fitter, more skilled, and looking for the next step in their sailing journey. They often seek out local sailing clubs to join and schools to take further lessons with or to sail more, making them ideal candidates for you.

It makes sense for us to partner with sailing schools and clubs to help these enthusiastic sailors make that transition. Similarly, many of your students and club members are likely looking for their next big adventure and might love to sail with Rubicon 3. By working together, we can help each other thrive and provide unparalleled experiences for our sailing communities.

Financial Benefits of Partnership

Earn a 10% Rubicon 3 Commission:

  • For every Rubicon 3 trip booked through the partnership, you receive 10% commission. With an average trip price of £200, this soon adds up and is a fantastic way to generate additional income

 Exclusive Rubicon 3 Discount For Your Members / Students:

  • You are given a unique discount code for your members / students, giving them £100 off the price of any trip. It gives your members / students cheaper access to unique sailing adventures that enhance their skills and sailing experiences. From Arctic expeditions to tropical island cruises, there’s something for every sailor.

 You are Introduced to Rubicon 3 Crew

  • As each Rubicon 3 trip ends, crew are enthused to learn and sail more. On their last day, they get an email with various offers.
  • It is your opportunity to introduce yourself to crew who live near you and if wanted to offer them a discount or similar to sign up with you.

 You Can List Your Courses with Us

  • We not run RYA and ASA courses ourselves, but receive a large number of enquiries from non Rubicon 3 crew for these courses. By listing your school and courses with us, you can attract more students and fill your classes faster. We simply act as a reseller, driving more traffic and potential students to your school. We take £50 commission per booking.

 How It Works – it’s Really Simple 

  1. Sign Up: Just reply to us, telling us you’d like to partner with us and we’ll get you signed up. There’s no cost, no IT, nothing – this is just two complimentary sailing organisations helping each other
  2. Promote: We give you a unique £100 off discount code. Share this when you tell your members / students about Rubicon 3 (we’ll give you some text, images and video) trips to your members and students. You  canshare this via email newsletters, social media, and your website.
  3. Earn: We track bookings made through your unique referral link and pay you a 10% commission on every sale.
  4. List Your Courses: Provide us with details of the courses you offer, and we will list them on our platform, driving more students to you. You tell us when one books and we’ll invoice for £50.

That’s it. There’s no IT, no catches, nothing. It’s just two complimentary and non overlapping sailing companies helping each other

Rubicon 3 Presence – What You Get Access To

  • Rubicon 3 receives around 5000 web visitors a day
  • 2900 are from the USA.
  • 1100 are from the UK
  • The remaining visitors are from other countries
  • We rate 1-3 on Google for over 100 sailing related keywords
  • We rate 4-10 on Google for another 400 sailing related keywords
  • We have over 8000 active members of our mailing list
  • We have a unique social profile of over 10,000


  • Is there any financial or time commitment? None whatsoever.
  • Do Rubicon 3 run RYA or ASA courses? No. Our crew can earn RYA Competent Crew but that is it.
  • Are there any catches or downsides? None. It really is a win win and we have already partnered with major sailing schools with great success.
  • Can we just try it? Absolutely. It takes almost zero time to set up and is just as quick to stop at any time
  • How would we do this? Sign up with us, and tell us what courses you offer. We will then direct enquiries we receive your way. We will also give you a discount code to give to your customers. That’s it!

Next Steps

  • Email us or call and we will get you set up. It takes minutes, costs nothing and you can stop at any time.
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