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  • People icon Crew Size: Max 9
  • Cake icon Ages: 18-75
  • Pin icon Region: Caribbean & The Americas

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42 Days from £5,499

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Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean

Embarking from the iconic Statue of Liberty in New York, this is the ultimate route to sail across the Atlantic Ocean and is a trail of adventure and discovery. The journey starts by navigating through the scenic Long Island Sound, a stretch rich in maritime history, where the waters are dotted with small islands and bustling coastal towns. As we continue north, the landscape transforms into the rugged coastlines of Nova Scotia, a land of picturesque fishing villages and ancient folklore. The journey continues further north to Newfoundland, a remote and wild frontier and the region of icebergs, whales, and famously thick fogs. From Newfoundland, the voyage turns eastward, setting sail across the Atlantic, sailing 2000 miles toward the beautiful west coast of Scotland. It is one of the most incredible transatlantic routes and sailing adventures.

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime with the offshore sailing experts?

Rubicon 3 are renowned as the offshore sailing experts, renowned in the sailing world for our extensive experience, comprehensive training, and a dedication to adventure and discovery. Our expert team, highly experienced sailors in ocean passage making, offer hands-on instruction in all aspects of offshore sailing, catering to those new to offshore sailing and more seasoned sailors.

Our selection of unique, bucket list adventures and less-traveled routes sets us apart, ensuring offshore and ocean sailing that’s both exhilarating and full of discovery, sailing on the right boat rated to the highest safety levels and packed with all the required safety equipment. Our ethos is an unwavering commitment to safety and environmental sustainability, ensuring every voyage respects the sailors and the sea. Additionally, we are as focused on individual skill-building as a sailing school so that everyone is fully involved in every aspect of the passage. This holistic approach built Rubicon 3’s reputation as the go-to experts for anyone seeking the highest level of offshore sailing.

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Sailing Area

Atlantic crossing route map from NYC
The Yachts
Key Information
What’s included
  • All food and accommodation on board

  • All fuel & berthing fees

  • Your own bunk and storage area

  • Use of oilskins

  • Use of lifejacket

  • Sailing tuition

  • RYA Competent Crew (supplementary fee)

What’s Not included
  • Your connecting travel to & from boat

  • Sailing & travel insurance

  • Meals you choose to eat ashore

  • Alcohol

  • Visas where required

  • Discretionary tip

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Discretionary tipping of the Rubicon 3 crew

The trip price is 5% less than we would normally charge. This is to allow you at the end of your adventure to offer a combined 5-10% tip to the Rubicon 3 skipper and mate if you feel they have delivered exceptional performance. This tip is entirely discretionary. See our FAQs here.

Got some questions?

Joining a big sailing adventure is a big thing, so don’t be surprised if you have lots of questions before you book. Who else joins, what to expect, and so many more queries are entirely normal. The home page has loads of info on this (scroll to the bottom), there are our FAQs and never hesitate to contact us by email, phone or live chat. The team are here to have a chat, discuss options, answer questions and help make sure you get on the exact right sailing trip for you.

This sample itinerary only shows some possible options for the transatlantic route from New York City to the United Kingdom. The wind and weather at the time will shape what we can do and when. We intend to sail north via Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, but this cannot be guaranteed if the weather, including wind and ice, does not allow it. If this is the case, a more southerly route via the Azores will be taken.

Join the yacht in New York City.

Is there a more exciting place to start a sailing adventure? Probably not, and the sense of adventure in the air will be palpable as we all get to meet each other, get all the equipment and belongings packed away on the yacht, and start to get our minds set on ‘maximum adventure’! We will make sure the boat has all the spares it needs and is packed full to the brim with food and supplies. Then it’s time for some intensive safety training, including how to abandon ship if necessary in near-freezing waters (all crew are issued with survival suits). When we’re ready, we’ll slip lines and head out on the Hudson River, past the iconic Statue of Liberty for one of the world’s most iconic overnight anchorages, and then head north up the eastern shores of Manhatten, past Harlem and Rikers Island and out into Long Island Sound.

Statue of liberty

Long Island Sound

Long Island Sound stretches north up the US east coast, between Connecticut on the mainland and Long Island. It has wonderfully sheltered water, captivating landscapes, and scenery on either side, with picturesque towns and historic sites. We’ll likely anchor overnight in Oyster Bay on Long Ilsand’s north shore. Here, legendary mansions line the North Shore on beautifully sculpted lawns that sweep down to the water’s edge. It’s fun to imagine who might choose each style as we cruise past. Mystic Seaport in Connecticut is also unbeatable, with its superb maritime museum and historic village.


ocean sailing

Newport, Rhode Island

Newport is renowned for its stunning coastal beauty, rich maritime history, and lively social scene. This historic town, a frequent host of the America’s Cup, is often called the “Sailing Capital of the World” and offers an unparalleled sailing experience with its picturesque harbors and scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean. The town’s historic waterfront is lined with charming colonial architecture, bustling wharves, and an array of shops, galleries, and restaurants. The famed Gilded Age mansions along Bellevue Avenue offer a glimpse into Newport’s opulent past.

Marthas Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket

Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are two storied islands off the coast of Massachusetts and quintessential New England sailing destinations. Martha’s Vineyard is known for its laid-back elegance. It’s famous for its pristine sandy beaches, sailboats, brightly painted gingerbread cottages, lighthouses at sunset, farmer’s markets, and the magical Flying Horses carousel.

Nantucket, a bit further out to sea, blends history and sophistication with well-preserved cobblestone streets and historic buildings reflecting its whaling past. The bustling town is very high-end, with boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and art galleries.

Nova scotia

Passage to Nova Scotia

Leaving the peaceful islands behind us, things start to get more serious as we head a further 230nm to the southern shores of Nova Scotia, likely making landfall in Lunenburg. Old Town Lunenburg is one of only two urban communities in North America designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Seventy percent of the original colonial buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries still have colorful façades. It’s beautiful, with excellent restaurants, distilleries, breweries, artisans, and unique shops.

Passage to Bras D’Or lake

It’s another 230nm to the stunning Bras d’Or lakes in northeastern Nova Scotia, around another 36-48 hours at sea. This lake, more of an inland sea, is a UNESCO biosphere and a glorious, peaceful expanse of water, surrounded by wooded hills with secluded anchorages and charming towns. Depending on our timings, we could relax here for a day or two.

bras dor

Across the Gulf of St Lawrence to Newfoundland

It is around 250nm to Newfoundland, and exactly how much time we have here will be dictated by how long it has taken to get here and the weather forecast going forward. The south coast of Newfoundland, with its raw beauty and maritime heritage, offers a variety of captivating places to dock or anchor, each with its unique appeal.

yacht by mountains newfoundland


Saint Pierre, a small island in the archipelago of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, is our port of entry. As the last remnant of France’s once vast territories in North America, it offers a distinct blend of French and Newfoundland cultures. The island’s main town, also named Saint Pierre, is characterized by its charming, colorful buildings, which line narrow streets reminiscent of a small French village. The architecture and the way of life here vividly reflect its French heritage, complete with delightful bistros, patisseries, and wine shops.

gros morne

From here, we cruise the south coast of Newfoundland with gems such as the Grey River, Deadman’s Cove, Francois, Ramea, and the Bay d’Espoir. Our route will eventually head north to St John’s, the capital. Here, we will get some rest, refuel, double-check our safety equipment, and refresh our food and supplies.

Sail across the Atlantic Ocean

Now it’s time to head east for the 2000nm sail across the Atlantic Ocean to the west coast of Scotland, near Glasgow. This should take around 14 days and is one of the great transatlantic voyages. As the sun sets for the first time on our crossing, we will be sailing under the stars in the inky blackness of the ocean. Far from any man-made light and clear skies permitting, you will see a genuinely spectacular starscape. With 360° horizons, the stars in the North Atlantic can reach in a huge arc as far as the eye can see. With the wind in the sails and the yacht galloping through the waves, you’ll be storing away memories on this transatlantic voyage that will be with you for a lifetime. When it comes time for the watch change, it can be hard to tear oneself away from it, but a warm bunk and tiredness from a full day of learning and sailing always win out in the end!

atlantic ocean sailing

No matter how special the night (and sometimes you can swap out the scene above for strong winds, crashing waves, and driving rain!), sunrise is always so welcome when ocean sailing. Now we can see everything again and make good any temporary fixes that might have been put in place through the dark hours. There is little that beats the new watch coming up and handing you a steaming mug of tea and some breakfast. Even though you may be tired, it comes with a beautiful sense of being alive. You are hundreds of miles from land, and except for your fellow crew, alone on the open ocean. This is superb transatlantic sailing!

helming atlantic ocean

As we sail across the Atlantic, we must keep track of our position and mark our progress on the chart. We can get a sleigh ride across if we find the Gulf Stream. The skipper and mate will be giving lessons on various skills, and one of these may be celestial navigation so you can learn how to bypass the GPS and locate your position using just the sun, moon, or stars. We are far north of the trade winds, so careful weather monitoring is critical. There are also all the daily jobs essential to the smooth running of a yacht on passage. Everyone will be on a rota to help with cleaning, maintenance, cooking, and navigation.

However much we have loved our time at sea on this Atlantic crossing, the lure of land is always intoxicating, especially after such an exciting passage. Soon we will be passing the coast of Ireland and navigating out way through the Hebridean Islands of Scotland and the end of this spectacular adventure.


The difference between Rubicon 3 and a yacht charter

This is not a luxury yacht charter vacation on a private yacht but a proper sailing adventure. 

  1. Tailored Experience: Unlike many yacht charters, the Rubicon 3 team works daily to tailor the experience to your interests and skill level. Whether you’re interested in learning advanced sailing techniques, exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations, or focusing on particular activities like snorkeling or fishing, we look to help you achieve it.
  2. Expert Knowledge: Yacht charter companies will send you off with minimal instruction. Rubicon 3 has extensive local knowledge and expertise. We can find hidden gems, secluded anchorages, and the best spots that might be off the radar of the charter companies. This insider knowledge significantly enhances the sailing adventure. 
  3. Learning Opportunities: Sailing this route with Rubicon 3, you don’t need any previous sailing experience, but some will help. If you’re interested in learning about sailing, navigation, or seamanship, the expert Rubicon 3 instructors ensure a hands-on, educational experience. This is ideal if you see your sailing trip as a vacation and a learning opportunity.


Dates, Prices & Travel

Start Date & Location

June 15, 2024

End Date & Location

July 26, 2024







Trip Information

Start Date: June 15, 2024

Start Time: 09:00

Start Country: USA

Start Port: New Jersey

Start Marina: Liberty Landing

End Date: July 26, 2024

End Time: 10:00

End Country: Scotland

End Port: Oban

End Marina: Oban

Find Flights For This Trip
Fly Into: New York (IATA code: NYC)
Fly Out of: Glasgow (IATA code: GLA)

* Flights are not included in the trip price.

Important Notes
Joining the boat
  • You will join the boat in New York.
  • It is scheduled to be in Liberty Landing Marina, New Jersey.
  • It is easy to get here from any of the New York airports, although Newark is the closest.
  • The trip starts at 9:00 AM on June 15 2024, so you will need to be in New York by June 14, 2024.
  • You have two options for accommodation on the night before the start date:
    • Stay in a hotel or AirBnB in the city.
    • Alternatively, you can stay onboard the boat from 6:00 PM on a bed & breakfast basis. Select this option during your booking process.
Leaving the boat
  • You will leave the boat in Oban, Scotland
  • The boat is scheduled to arrive into Oban on the evening of July 26, 2024, and you will need to disembark by 10:00 AM, July 27, 2024.
  • There is a regular train service from Oban to Glasgow. The journey takes around three hours, with full details here.
General Notes
  • We have a very strong track record of meeting the scheduled end date, with only a few exceptions over a decade of sailing and across hundreds of thousands of miles of sailing. However, given the nature and distance of ocean crossings, we can’t guarantee it and recommend booking flexible onward travel from Scotland or at least allowing an extra day in your itinerary as a precaution.
  • You cannot stay on the boat after the trip end date.
  • Once you have booked, we will connect you up with other crew so you can liaise re connecting travel, meet up in advance etc.
  • If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
5-Point Pre-Booking Checklist

Before you finalize your booking, we suggest you run through our pre-booking checklist:

  1. Check Flights: Make sure you have found the right flights for your trip. Book them as soon as you have booked your Rubicon 3 trip.
  2. Travel Insurance: Once you’ve booked your trip with us, buy some sailing travel insurance. Read our full guide here.
  3. Passport Validity: Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your planned return date. Some countries require this for entry, so it’s crucial to check and renew your passport if necessary.
  4. Visas: Most sailors will not require any visas for this trip. However, if you are concerned, check any visa requirements for both your destination and any transit countries. If you do need a visa, processing times can vary, so it’s advisable to apply well in advance of your trip.
  5. Vaccinations and Health Checks: There are no vaccinations required for this trip. Make sure you have an acceptable level of fitness and agility. You can read our guide here. This is for the safety of all on board.
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