Refer a Friend Scheme

Earn £75 for you and your friend

We always appreciate the feedback we receive from our customers and as you’ll see, it’s the best in the industry. Your comments about the happiness, personal growth and learning you experienced while sailing with Rubicon 3 mean a great deal to us. We also acknowledge the huge word of mouth recommendations we get from you. To recognise this,  if someone books their first trip with Rubicon 3 based on your recommendation, we have a special thank-you offer for both of you.

For the first-time booker, we offer a discount of £75 on their first trip. And for you, the referrer, we offer a discount of £75 on your next booking or course. You don’t need to worry about keeping any vouchers or paperwork, as we’ll automatically store the offer in our system for you. Just let us know at the time of booking who has recommended you and we’ll take care of the rest.

Terms & conditions

  1. Eligibility for Referrers: The person referring the new customer must have traveled with Rubicon 3 before the new customer makes their booking.
  2. Eligibility for Referred Customers: The person being referred must never previously have booked or traveled on a Rubicon 3 trip.
  3. Discount Application: The person being referred will receive £75 off their first Rubicon 3 trip when they provide the name and email address (matching the one held by Rubicon 3) of a friend who has previously traveled with Rubicon 3 at the time of booking. Discounts cannot be applied retrospectively.
  4. Booking Requirements: If there is more than one person on a new booking, the discount applies only to those who have not traveled with Rubicon 3 before.
  5. Credit for Referrers: The person referring the new customer will receive £75 of credit towards their next Rubicon 3 trip or course once the referred person has paid in full, which must be stated at the time of their booking.
  6. Multiple Referrals: A person may refer multiple new customers, receiving £75 credit for each one. Rubicon 3 reserves the right to limit referrals.
  7. Discount Combinations: “Refer a Friend” discounts can be combined only with loyalty discounts.
  8. Direct Bookings Only: “Refer a Friend” discounts are valid only on bookings made directly with Rubicon 3, defined as bookings through the Rubicon 3 website, by phone, or in person.
  9. Credit Expiry: Credits must be applied to a booking (with deposit paid) within 24 months or they will expire.
  10. Minimum Trip Duration: Discounts apply only to bookings of at least 5 days.
  11. Program Changes: Rubicon 3 may modify the Refer a Friend, but credits received will be honored until expiry.
  12. Privacy and Consent: Personal information used for referral will be handled in accordance with Rubicon 3’s privacy policy.
  13. Dispute Resolution: Any disputes regarding referral credits or eligibility will be resolved by Rubicon 3’s management, whose decision is final.
  14. Cancellation Policy Impact: If a referred booking is canceled, the effect on referral credit will be detailed, ensuring clarity on how cancellations affect earned credits.
  15. Household/Family Limitation: Referrals within the same household or immediate family are subject to Rubicon 3’s discretion to prevent abuse of the scheme.
  16. The Refer a Friend Scheme is a goodwill gesture and may be withdrawn or altered at any time. Rubicon 3 are under no contractual obligation to offer or continue this scheme.
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