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Travel insurance for sailors Rubicon3 Adventures

Travel insurance for sailors

Which insurance should I get?

It’s vital that you have the right travel insurance for your sailing holidays, although we do do not actually require you to have insurance. We generally recommend getting specialist sailing insurance. This is because your standard personal travel cover or sports insurance may not include cover for sailing. This will mean that your insurance should cover all the eventualities that a sailing accident or incident might lead to and ensure you have the cover, medical assistance or treatment you need. You will generally only need single trip travel insurance. If you do a lot of sailing then annual multi trip travel insurance policy may be best.


For those based in the United Kingdom, we find that either Topsail or Bishops Skinner are great providers with a cheap insurance policy, designed specifically for sailing.


If you’re based in the EU, then try Yacht-Pool 


If you are based in the USA then it is definitely worth contacting Rick Bagnall at Gowrie. He has proved superb for our US clients in the past. You will also need to fill in the Gowrie Form here to send to him. You can also try Danboater.


If you are based in Canada, then you can try Danboater

Coastal waters or outside of territorial waters?

If you are on an offshore trip that starts and ends in a different country, then you will be a long way out to sea and definitely need cover that is outside of territorial waters. If the trip is coastal, then within territorial waters is fine. And islands off a country usually still count as territorial waters. If you are on a Skipper Masterclass, the England : Scotland route, we MAY stop at Dublin which is outside territorial waters, but that is not guaranteed. For the Bay of Biscay route, you will definitely need cover for outside of territorial water. If you are on back to back trips with us, single trip cover is still usually valid.

What about cancellation?

We strongly recommend that you get covers cancellation in the event of ill health. If for any reason we cannot run a trip, you get a full and immediate refund (we’ve never missed a trip in ten years!). However, if you cannot travel due to personal circumstances then you will need to have insurance to be able to get a refund of your invoice.

What about start and end dates?

Some policies require you to take out an insurance cover within a set period of time after booking your sailing holiday, so it’s worth checking.

What if I have medical conditions?

Make sure you disclose any pre existing medical conditions, as your sailing holiday insurance will be invalidated if you do no not.

Do I need personal liability insurance?

No. Standard sailing travel insurance policies should give you all the cover you need. The policies also usually cover any legal expenses.

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