Thinking of a Bareboat Charter? Experienced Sailors Now Do This Instead

Forget the stress and hidden costs of bareboat charters. Discover why seasoned sailors are choosing thrilling, expertly-guided adventure sailing vacations instead. Connect with like-minded travelers, explore remote destinations, and enjoy a truly unforgettable experience without the headaches of traditional charters. Find out why Rubicon 3 is Europe’s top choice for an epic sailing adventure!

It’s day one of your bareboat charter and you’re keen to get off and get sailing. The tensions rising though with a cross wind making for a nerve racking bit of marina manoeuvring (it’s been a year since you last did this) and the family isn’t listening. You need the mooring lines prepared and people standing by, but your son is playing around and your wife has decided this is the time to put sunscreen on your daughter. Seriously? You find yourself yelling at the people you love while they find themselves wondering why they agreed to do this after the irritation and arguments of the last time. Sound familiar? That’s because, in all honesty, it is.

Countless skippers face unexpected challenges with bareboat charters every year. Don’t become the next cautionary tale!

Bareboat charters are a wonderful way to head off for some sailing and exploration. So long as you’ve got enough experience and valid qualifications, you get the chance for some independence and a bit of adventure. You can set sail at your own pace, even if your actual sailing resume is quite limited. You decide your own route for the duration of your bareboat sailing vacation, maybe exploring some hidden coves and enjoying the freedom of the open water.  Well known areas such as the British Virgin Islands and Greek islands have opportunities aplenty. However, the elephant in the room is that this freedom comes with significant responsibility. Captains on bareboat charters have to be able to operate the boat safely. You’re the de facto owner, solely responsible for the vessel, crew, and any damage or personal injuries that may occur. Be clear – this is a legal requirement of a valid bareboat charter agreement. This can – and every year does – lead to big repair bills or even legal issues under the many regulation such as the Jones Act (in applicable regions) and the nightmare possibility of Jones Act claims if a crew member on your boat or another boat is injured.

From hidden costs to potential disasters, learn why meticulous planning is crucial for a successful and safe adventure on the water

Successful bareboat sailing vacations also require meticulous planning for everything from provisioning to routes to reservations. All bareboat charter companies operate in the same, very crowded, very touristy areas, meaning that idyllic experience isn’t all it’s cracked up to be sometimes. Yes, they look cost-effective initially, but the bareboat charter costs like fuel, docking and insuring any potential repairs will quickly add up. That is not to put these type of charters down –  we absolutely have a favorable opinion of them for the right sailors, and they offer a unique sailing experience, but it’s important not to hide away from the potential dangers on a bareboat charter. There are navigation errors, not knowing how to sort mechanical issues, being able to deal with strong winds and bad weather, and even, god forbid, medical emergencies while out on the water.

Discover why many experienced sailors are swapping crowded anchorages and high costs for thrilling Arctic expeditions and Trade Wind adventures

Limited cruising area; crowded anchorages; high-stress levels; reluctant crew; high cost. It’s why so many vessel owners and those who have previously gone for bareboat charters or even a crewed charter are now moving toward being part of a crew on an adventure sailing vacation instead. Rather than yet another Caribbean or Mediterranean sail, how about a new adventure and sailing up in the Arctic for a couple of weeks, or learning to use a sextant and sailing in the Trade Winds? You can ditch the captain’s hat and all the responsibility of a bareboat yacht charter for some world-class sailing, training, and exploring – and without any of the family dramas. Expert skippers will teach you how to navigate challenging routes, help you learn more about the boat’s systems, really improve your helming and sail trim, and ensure you are an integral part of the crew and adventure in some majestical off-the-beaten-path locations. There’s no fancy provisioning service – rather crew members explore the local markets for food – and it’s far better for it.

Adventure Sailing Vacations That Far Outshine Traditional Charters!

So forget the hassle of finding a full crew or persuading your family to give you one more chance on a sailing charter – these adventures are perfect for individual travellers, really allowing you to connect with like-minded adventurers and share the experience. There’s also now low season, as the boats circle the world and you still don’t have any of the worries that come from being the vessel owner. The best part, though? Have you looked at that bareboat charter cost? Here you’ll have significantly reduced costs – you only pay for a single berth, making this a far more affordable way to experience the magic of sailing in cruising grounds in far-flung corners of the world and have a true adventure vacation. Rethink the yacht charter you may have been planning – there’s a reason Rubicon 3 are Europe’s #1 adventure sailors.

Explore these alternatives to a bareboat charter.

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