• Wave icon Trip Type: Coastal
  • Speech bubble icon Instructors: 2
  • People icon Crew Size: Max 9 (10 for ocean)
  • Cake icon Ages: 18-70 ish
  • Pin icon Region: Caribbean & The Americas

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9 Days from £1,999

Dates, Prices & Travel

Join the crew for Grenada Sailing Week

Discover the magic of Grenada Sailing Week, a unique blend of fun yacht racing and vibrant Caribbean culture. Set in the stunning waters of Grenada, known as the “Spice Island,” this event stands out for its perfect sailing conditions – steady winds, warm temperatures, crystal-clear waters – and a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Grenada Sailing Week is much more than just the racing; it’s a real celebration of the area and the island, with a lively mix of onshore festivities each day. After racing around the spice-laden island in the hot sun and turquoise waters, you can discover the island’s rich heritage, from spicy Creole cuisine to infectious Calypso rhythms. Grenada Sailing Week is an unforgettable sailing experience where camaraderie, competition, and culture converge in one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful destinations.

Race with Confidence: Join the Rubicon 3 Team for a Safe, Supportive, Thrilling Adventure

Racing with Rubicon 3 is famously friendly and inclusive, with crew comfort and confidence as our top priorities. Perfect for beginners and seasoned sailors alike, our approach is designed to ease all your concerns about yacht racing.

  1. Tailored Training: Our experienced skippers provide comprehensive training, ensuring you gain the skills and confidence needed, regardless of your starting level. We focus on a step-by-step approach, making yacht racing accessible and enjoyable for everyone.
  2. Emphasis on Safety: Your safety is paramount. As well as our world-class safety protocols, we conduct thorough safety briefings and drills. You’ll learn how to handle various scenarios while racing, significantly reducing the risks and anxiety.
  3. Physical Fitness Not a Barrier: Our team values strategy and teamwork over physical prowess. Roles on the yacht are assigned based on your comfort level and ability, ensuring everyone can participate and contribute effectively.
  4. Supportive Team Environment: Rubicon 3 is a welcoming community where camaraderie is critical. We believe in teamwork, mutual support, and enjoying the experience together. You’ll never feel out of place or under pressure to perform.
  5. Guided Introduction to the Sport: We demystify yacht racing with clear explanations and hands-on experiences. Learn at your own pace in a stress-free environment, turning the unknown into a thrilling adventure.

Join us for a unique opportunity to take part in yacht racing in a safe, supportive, and fun setting.

Want to join?

Go to the Dates & Prices button to see the dates this trip runs. It will also give you information on connecting travel, including where to fly and when and where to join the boat.

Sailing Area

Grenadines sailing area map
Grenadines sailing route
The Yachts
Key Information
What’s included
  • All food and accommodation on board

  • All fuel & berthing fees

  • Your own bunk and storage area

  • Use of oilskins

  • Use of lifejacket

  • Sailing tuition

  • RYA Competent Crew (supplementary fee)

What’s Not included
  • Your connecting travel to & from boat

  • Sailing & travel insurance

  • Meals you choose to eat ashore

  • Alcohol

  • Visas where required

  • Discretionary tip

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Discretionary tipping of the Rubicon 3 crew

The trip price is 5% less than we would normally charge. This is to allow you at the end of your adventure to offer a combined 5-10% tip to the Rubicon 3 skipper and mate if you feel they have delivered exceptional performance. This tip is entirely discretionary. See our FAQs here.

Got some questions?

Joining a big sailing adventure is a big thing, so don’t be surprised if you have lots of questions before you book. Who else joins, what to expect, and so many more queries are entirely normal. The home page has loads of info on this (scroll to the bottom), there are our FAQs and never hesitate to contact us by email, phone or live chat. The team are here to have a chat, discuss options, answer questions and help make sure you get on the exact right sailing trip for you.

Grenada Sailing Week, formerly the Grenada Sailing Festival, takes place over five days. To ensure you have the best time, we include two days of pre-regatta training and a couple of days of recreational cruising afterwards, giving you some more relaxed time to enjoy this astonishingly beautiful island.

Days 1-2: Training and preparation

Having flown into Maurice Bishop International Airport, you’ll meet the crew in Port Louis marina and have two days for the pre-regatta preparation. Day one focuses on individual skills and getting used to being on a sailing yacht again. We also work on building the crew as a team and refining any rusty sailing techniques. To ensure full involvement, every crew member practises manoeuvres, sail trim, and boat handling. In the evening, over a cold beer, we will discuss race strategies, analyze wind patterns and look at the course layouts. Day two is dedicated to final equipment checks and safety drills. We’ll inspect the yacht for last-minute maintenance tasks and ensure all the safety gear is in order. We’ll then head out onto the water again and conduct mock emergency scenarios to reinforce quick and efficient response skills. This meticulous preparation is crucial for optimal performance, fun and safety during the regatta.

Day 3 – Race Day 1

The competition begins! We’ll participate in the first day’s racing from Tyrell Bay, trying our strategies and skills and seeing how we perform in relation to the other boats. The usual first race is around the stunning island of Carriacou. Post-race, enjoy the lively atmosphere onshore with entertainment, local cuisine and a beach party.

Day 4 – Race Day 2

The main fleet will start racing again, and we’ll continue challenging ourselves and improving our standings. Each race is a chance to learn and grow as a team. The second day is often a race from Carriacou back to Grenada, and we’ll stay that night in the lovely La Phare Bleu marina. That night, there’s often an enjoyable fancy-dress party on the beach.

Day 5 – Lay Day

This is a day for relaxation and exploration. Enjoy Grenada’s beautiful beaches, explore the island, or join in local activities. It’s a well-deserved break.

Day 6 – Race Day 3

Today, we’re back to yacht racing! We’ll tackle different courses, which require adapting our tactics. This is usually a day of three to four shorter races, which ramps up the activity levels and fun.

Day 7 – Final Race Day and Awards Ceremony

Today is our last chance to shine on the water, with another day of shorter races on the west coast of Grenada. After the final race, we’ll join the closing ceremony for the final prize giving and where awards are given. It’s a fun end to an exhilarating week full of camaraderie and celebration.

Throughout the race week, expect morning briefings, debriefs after each race, and plenty of team discussions. It’s a blend of competition, skill development, and fun – a memorable experience in the stunning setting of Grenada.

Days 8-9: Relaxed cruising

During the racing, you’ll see why Grenada is rated one of the most beautiful cruising grounds in the world. After all the drama of the racing, it’s lovely to kick back and indulge in 48 hours of gentle sailing, anchoring in paradise bays, and wandering through the spectacular beaches and rainforests ashore. We finish with a crew meal ashore, then it’s off home, and we can all start dreaming of future adventures.


The difference between Rubicon 3 and a yacht charter

This is not a luxury yacht charter vacation on a private yacht but a proper sailing adventure. 

  1. Tailored Experience: Unlike many yacht charters, the Rubicon 3 team works daily to tailor the experience to your interests and skill level. Whether you’re interested in learning advanced sailing techniques, exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations, or focusing on particular activities like snorkeling or fishing, we look to help you achieve it.
  2. Expert Knowledge: Yacht charter companies will send you off with minimal instruction. Rubicon 3 has extensive local knowledge and expertise. We can find hidden gems, secluded anchorages, and the best spots that might be off the radar of the charter companies. This insider knowledge significantly enhances the sailing adventure. 
  3. Learning Opportunities: Racing with Rubicon 3, you don’t need any previous sailing experience. If you’re interested in learning about sailing, navigation, or seamanship, the expert Rubicon 3 instructors ensure a hands-on, educational experience. This is ideal if you see your sailing trip as a vacation and a learning opportunity.

Dates, Prices & Travel

Start Date & Location

January 24, 2025
St Lucia

End Date & Location

February 1, 2025
St Lucia







Trip Information

Start Date: January 24, 2025

Start Time: 09:00

Start Country: St Lucia

Start Port: Rodney Bay

Start Marina: Rodney Bay

End Date: February 1, 2025

End Time: 10:00

End Country: St Lucia

End Port: Rodney Bay

End Marina: Rodney Bay

Find Flights For This Trip
Fly Into: St Lucia (IATA Code: UVF)
Fly Out of: St Lucia (IATA Code: UVF)

* Flights are not included in the trip price.

Important Notes
Joining the boat
  • You will join the boat in St Lucia.
  • It is scheduled to be in Rodney Bay Marina, St Lucia
  • The trip starts at 9:00 AM on January 24 2025, so you will need to be in St Lucia by January 23, 2025.
  • You have two options for accommodation on the night before the start date:
    • Stay in a hotel or AirBnB in St Lucia.
    • Alternatively, you can stay onboard the boat from 6:00 PM on a bed & breakfast basis. Select this option during your booking process.
Leaving the boat
  • You will leave the boat in Rodney Bay, St Lucia
  • The boat is scheduled to arrive into St Lucia on the Morning of Februray 1, 2025, and you will need to disembark by 12:00.
General Notes
  • We have a very strong track record of meeting the scheduled end date, with only a few exceptions over a decade of sailing and across hundreds of thousands of miles of sailing. However, given the nature and distance of ocean crossings, we can’t guarantee it and recommend booking flexible onward travel from St Lucia or at least allowing an extra day in your itinerary as a precaution.
  • You cannot stay on the boat after the trip end date.
  • Once you have booked, we will connect you up with other crew so you can liaise regarding connecting travel, meet up in advance etc.
  • If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
5-Point Pre-Booking Checklist

Before you finalize your booking, we suggest you run through our pre-booking checklist:

  1. Check Flights: Make sure you have found the right flights for your trip. Book them as soon as you have booked your Rubicon 3 trip.
  2. Travel Insurance: Once you’ve booked your trip with us, buy some sailing travel insurance. Read our full guide here.
  3. Passport Validity: Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your planned return date. Some countries require this for entry, so it’s crucial to check and renew your passport if necessary.
  4. Visas: Most sailors will not require any visas for this trip. However, if you are concerned, check any visa requirements for both your destination and any transit countries. If you do need a visa, processing times can vary, so it’s advisable to apply well in advance of your trip.
  5. Vaccinations and Health Checks: There are no vaccinations required for this trip. Make sure you have an acceptable level of fitness and agility. You can read our guide here. This is for the safety of all on board.
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